“This book should have its place on the shelves of any Latino literature collection.”

—Daniel Chacón, author of Hotel Juárez: Stories, Rooms and Loops

“With sharp observation and compassion, Juan Alvarado Valdivia brings to high relief contemporary lives of Latinos searching for meaning in California’s cities, towns, and barrios. Ballad of a Slopsucker is a rich debut collection.”

—Daniel A. Olivas, author of The King of Lighting Fixtures: Stories

“Juan Alvarado Valdivia has become an exciting new voice in contemporary Latino and American literature. With heart and wisdom and in prose that gleams with energy, heart, and intelligence, Alvarado Valdivia showcases his talent as a truly original—and necessary—storyteller.”

—Alex Espinoza, author of The Five Acts of Diego León: A Novel

“Written with a clear eye for detail and a sharp ear for dialogue, and always with deep empathy, Ballad of a Slopsucker is a book you won’t soon forget.”

—Lysley Tenorio, author of Monstress: Stories

 “In true Califas style, Alvarado Valdivia offers us the collision of the profane and the poignant, the adrenaline of living on the edge and the sometimes comic absurdity of regret.”

—Manuel Muñoz, author of The Faith Healer of Olive Avenue: Stories


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